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Welcome to the world of crazy, kooky, funny, silly, fierce, and always original creatures! Here at the Creature Creaton Station YOU help to make the creature. Here's how it works: you choose the body shape, the number of eyes, the number of limbs, and even special extras like horns, spikes, claws and more. Finally you choose a bonus feature - anything you can imagine. Then Brett takes this information and makes your own custom creature! 

Your little creature will be a one-of-a-kind original just for you made by us!

The original artwork is created on 7" x 10" brown recycled paper and comes signed. It is a full inked and colored original drawing. 

Order Your Own Creature! $50

If you have kids or know of some kids who like to draw, don't forget to check out our monthly Creature Creation Station Design Challenge. Each month we put up a set of attributes and ask all the young artists out there to create their very own creature using those elements. We then put their drawings on the Shop+Draw blog to share and inspire others. Each month one drawing at random is chosen and Brett creates his version of it and sends it to the young artist! Art is awesome! 

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